Leather Care

Horween Chromexcel

Here are two great guides on caring for your Chromexcel leather from Ashland Leather (they work for Horween):

Supplies Needed:

Hermann Oak Bridle or Veg-Tan Leather

Lexol NF Neatsfoot Leather Dressing (Amazon) is a great conditioner for bridle or veg-tan leather. To Use:

  1. Wipe the leather down with a clean cloth or fine horsehair brush, to remove any surface dirt.
  2. Apply a very small amount of Lexol NF to a clean cloth. An old t-shirt works great.
  3. Rub slowly into the leather in a circular motion.
  4. After the Lexol NF dries for 20-30 minutes buff with a clean cloth.
  5. Polish your leather with a horsehair brush. (optional)